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Civil Litigation Attorney Serving Macomb County and Wayne County.

Keating Law, PLC, has extensive experience with civil litigation. Representing individuals, families, and businesses throughout the greater metropolitan Detroit area including St. Claire Shores, Grosse Point, and Sterling Heights. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in a wide range of disputes, such as breach of contract, either through the courts or through arbitration.

It is by no means uncommon for cases of civil litigation to arise in business matters. At Keating Law, PLC we are equally adept at representing plaintiffs and defendants. If you are the plaintiff in a case of civil litigation, you are seeking to right an injustice, have an agreement honored or obtain compensation for an injury. If you are the defendant in such a case, you are struggling to protect your rights against the plaintiff’s claims.

In either case, we are prepared to fight vigorously for you, pursuing strategies designed to help extricate you from the stress of the dispute and come out a winner. This is true whether you are involved in a civil litigation as an individual, a partnership, a shareholder, or a corporation.

Types of Civil Litigation

Civil litigation takes a great many forms and we are proud to be able to handle cases involving any of the following:

  • Business-related litigation
  • Administrative litigation
  • Injunctions
  • Real estate and construction litigation

Each type of civil litigation has its own subcategories, all of which we understand and are able to navigate effectively. Whichever type of civil litigation is causing trouble for you, we are fully prepared to advocate for you and bring the matter to a successful conclusion.

Business-related litigation matters include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of warranties
  • Business disputes
  • Dissolution or breakup of a business
  • Employment litigation
  • Fraud
  • Mechanics’ liens (guarantees of payments to builders, contractors, construction firms)
  • Non-compete covenants
  • Securities matters
  •  Trade secrets
  • Unfair business practices

Administrative cases include:

  • Administrative law
  • Liquor license violations


Injunctions may be preliminary or permanent

Real estate and construction litigation cases involve:

  • Real estate litigation
  • Landlord-tenant litigation
  • Construction defects
  • Premises liability

Civil Tax Disputes

Civil tax disputes are heard and adjudicated in a special court of law that handles tax-related issues. Our attorneys are highly competent in handling tax controversies. With our keen awareness of substantive tax laws and our ability to deal effectively with revenue agents, we are capable of formulating audit strategies and pursuing administrative or judicial appeals.

Stages of a Civil Litigation Case

There are several stages involved in civil litigation:

  • Investigation
  • Pleadings
  • Discovery
  • Pretrial proceedings
  • Potential settlement or trial
  • Appeal

In most cases, the most complex aspect is the discovery phase because it is comprised of information exchange, including information from third parties through depositions (given orally under oath), interrogatories (written questions) and subpoenas. It should be remembered, however, that most civil lawsuits are settled by agreement, never reaching the courtroom. Cases that do necessitate courtroom proceedings may be prolonged. Although some of these cases may be settled in a few months, some may last for several years. There is always the possibility that parties can settle the dispute even after a jury has begun deliberating and our attorneys work hard to make this happen.

The Advantages Keating Law

Our civil litigation attorneys will work closely with you to evaluate your claims and represent you before administrative agencies, in mediation or arbitration, and/or injury or court trials, whether state, federal or appellate. Our comprehensive legal knowledge enables us to prepare your case efficiently; that knowledge, combined with our superior interpersonal and negotiation skills, helps us to win.

We pride ourselves on keeping you informed every step of the way on the procedures involved as we work to reach a beneficial settlement. If negotiations break down, we will fight vigorously for you in a court of law. When necessary, our civil litigation lawyers will consult and work closely with experts who will bolster your case, such as investigators, accountants, economic impact analysts, and other relevant professionals.

At Keating Law, PLC, we are dedicated to assisting you when you are confronted with the prospect of civil litigation. We know how challenging such situations can be and look forward to helping you resolve the problem favorably, as quickly as possible. You can contact us using the convenient form on our Keating Law, PLC website or by calling us at 586.501.8399.

Keating Law serves civil litigation clients throughout the greater Detroit area, including Macomb CountyWayne County, Grosse Pointe, St. Clair Shores, and Sterling Heights.

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