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 Keating Law, PLC is a practice well-known in the greater metropolitan Detroit area for its high level of competence in asset protection. We understand the unique challenges you may face in securing your assets -- including excessive taxation, predatory creditors, and family members facing possible loss of public benefits. Our attention to detail and energetic pursuit of your best interests makes us a valuable advocate. We are dedicated to preserving your assets (large or small), protecting you and your loved ones, and securing your financial future.

At Keating Law, we know the things that are not commonly understood, for example, that you can’t avoid collections by giving away assets to a friend or family member or conceal them from creditors by making them the property of a corporation. It is also a misconception that an inherited IRA is off-limits to creditors. Although all of these bits of information may seem daunting, if you come to Keating Law we will convince you that asset protection, done properly, doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. We can help you set up your assets so they are fortified to withstand any attack. You’ll find that being proactive about asset protection will provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones not only in the present but long-term.

Why We All Have to Protect Our Assets

As most of us are aware, more and more disreputable individuals are using legal avenues for their own nefarious purposes. Over 19 million new lawsuits are filed in this country annually. Many are frivolous; others will be settled for sums greater than the actual amount of liability in order to avoid time-consuming inconvenience and unpleasant publicity. Even when you are personally responsible for misconduct, we are committed to protecting your assets and keeping your family from being deprived of the secure financial backing they depend on.

While we may associate such lawsuits with doctors and dentists, not only are other professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, teachers, and coaches vulnerable but so are business and property owners. Anyone who takes responsibility for another through their occupation, their business or property ownership, or simply because they drive on public roadways, may be sued for damage to property or personal injury.

It is unlikely that our legal system is going to be overhauled anytime soon, so we all have to protect ourselves and our assets from the danger to our wealth that comes with:

  • Malpractice liability
  • Personal liability of corporate officers, directors or former business partners
  • Personal injury resulting in premises liability suits
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Liability resulting from misconduct or criminal behavior
  • Liability due to being a guarantor of someone else’s debts
  • Fraudulent claims that cannot be disproven
  • Claims made by a present or former partner or spouse

It is entirely possible to have to make a settlement, even a large one when you yourself have done nothing wrong. What our law firm wants to help you with is establishing legal strategies to preserve your wealth and protect your assets before either is under assault.

What Keating Law Can Do for Clients in Wayne and Macomb County

Though you may consider yourself and your assets protected by insurance, in many instances insurance is insufficient in kind or amount to prevent litigation, judgments, or liens against your property. At Keating Law, we have highly effective methods to protect you and your family from the multiple threats that may make you feel insecure. These include:

  • Establishing special trusts and business entities
  • Creating protective estate plans
  • Determining realistic insurance needs
  • Organizing investments and business entities
    Establishing foundations

Taking such steps to protect your assets in a fully legal manner may have the added benefit of removing these assets from your taxable estate. Because as lawyers we have an intricate, cutting-edge knowledge of the laws regarding estate planning and asset protection, we will always make sure that any step taken to protect your assets is fully legal and ethically appropriate.

  • Establishing special trusts and business entities
  • Creating protective estate plans
  • Determining realistic insurance needs
  • Organizing investments and business entities
  • Establishing foundations

With our many years of experience, we know how to evaluate your holdings accurately and how to work with you to legally protect your assets from creditors and from civil, negligence or malpractice suits. We are able to assist you in putting your assets into:

  • Domestic and offshore trusts
  • Domestic, offshore and/or domestic business entity formations
  • Exempt asset protections under state law
  • Protective pre-and post-marital agreements

The exact strategies employed by our firm may vary depending on your specific circumstances, the nature of your assets, and the country of origin, and tax regulations that apply to those assets. We tailor our strategies to the particulars of your situation, always striving to satisfy your need to safeguard the wealth you have worked hard to accumulate and maintain.

Asset Protection Attorney in Macomb & Wayne County

If you want to ensure that your assets are legally insulated from civil suits, please contact us today through our Keating Law, PLC website or by calling us at: 586.501.8399.

Keating Law serves asset protection clients throughout the greater Detroit area, including Macomb County, Wayne County, Grosse Pointe, St. Clair Shores, and Sterling Heights.

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