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Are Your Clients Charitable Annuities At Risk Due to the Shaky Economy?
As the jagged ripple of our economic situation continues to influence every aspect of our lives, a recent Wall Street Journal article on Gift Annuities caught my eye. This is an issue that we had anticipated coming to the surface, and the article does a great job of explaining just how quickly and powerfully the current economic climate is affecting charitable giving.

To live or not live... the Schiavo Question
Every day many families are forced to make tough decisions about the health care of their loved ones. This painful situation occurs when a family must make the decision of removing a feeding tube or life support that is keeping a loved one alive. Now another Florida family faces a similar challenge.

Tax Payer Victory Provides Insight and Roadmap
The Family Limited Liability Company (FLLC) and its sister, Family Limited Partnerships (FLP) is a powerful concept that allows a family to do sophisticated estate, income tax, and asset protection planning. A recent taxpayer victory in the use of the concept has provided a roadmap to advisors and their clients on how to use this strategy.

The End of the Ultimate Estate Plan?
Congress is Ending the Ultimate Estate Tax Plan and Leaving Us with the Question “Why Now?”

Economy’s Cold Reality Has Turned Cemetery Plots into ‘Hot Properties’
We have noticed a really unusual real estate trend lately as clients look for ways to increase cash reserves by selling off long-held properties. They are not selling vacation cabins or those condos they bought as investments. Frankly, the residential real estate market has not recovered enough for anyone to make decent money doing that. Instead, some clients are raising quick cash by selling off their family burial plots.

6.4 Million Dollar Fine Slapped on ‘Trust Mill’ in Landmark Case
This story really spotlights the obvious reasons why clients should only obtain Living Trusts from a qualified estate planning attorney. If your clients are considering buying a Trust from someone who is not an experienced estate planning attorney, tell them what happened in Ohio...

Why the Federal Estate Tax’s Repeal Might Cost Your Client’s Family More
No estate tax? Great! Uncle Sam won’t get a dime of my client’s estate if he dies this year, right? Not so fast. While that might be true for some clients, many beneficiaries who inherit appreciated assets now face a capital gains tax.

Protect Your Client’s Beneficiaries with a Creditor-Proof IRA Trust
The combination of tax deferral and asset protection is a potent, long-term legal and financial strategy. In many states, IRAs and other retirement plans are exempt from the claims of creditors of the IRA’s owner. In other states, they are not. The question that many advisors are watching is a critical but different issue.

Blended Family Basics
Blended families are more common than traditional nuclear families in America and their number is growing. In addition to their many logistical and psychological challenges, these special families also present unique Life & Estate Planning challenges.

In this Special Edition you will learn key planning strategies to protect your own children, provide for your new spouse and minimize death taxes, as well as how to avoid common planning mistakes including failure to disinherit an ex-spouse.

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