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Living Trusts provide Divorce Protections to Your Client’s Kids
We have all had the question from clients: My son is in a bad marriage. What happens if we die and he gets divorced? Does that mean his ex-wife gets some of our estate? This question can be solved by sharing one of the major, and often most overlooked, benefits of using a Living Trust asset protection for the beneficiaries.

Beyond Taxes Basic Reasons Why Clients Should Consider a Living Trust
The Revocable Living Trust (RLT) is arguably the simplest and most powerful estate planning tool for wealth protection. All too often, advisors only consider the RLT as a tool to lessen the federal estate tax burden of a client. But an RLT can do so much more than address taxes. Sometimes we are so focused on the complex benefits of this tool that we can often miss the simple yet powerful advantages that are often overlooked.

Personal Services Agreements Can Help Protect Assets from Nursing Home Cost
As advisors, we are always looking for ways to help clients and their families protect and grow their resources. This particular strategy, while not permitted in every state, can help both your client and the caregiver. If your client does not have long-term care insurance, they can spend their entire life savings when entering a nursing home. One way clients can protect their assets is to try to qualify for Medicaid. However, Medicaid has strict rules that vary state-by-state as to how much an individual can own.

New Gift Tax Exemption Raises Some Big Questions for Business Owners
A recent Wall Street Journal article has succinctly pointed out that business owners now have a chance to transfer a big chunk of their businesses to beneficiaries even before handing over operational control of the business.

Interesting Court Decision Illustrates Mistake in Buy-Sell Agreement
A well thought through Buy-Sell (or sometimes called shareholder agreement) is critical in any business for succession planning. But what happens when the need is no longer there for the insurance, but one of the parties desires to keep the policies in place?

But Why Can't I Use The Internet?
While it is cheap and easy to create estate planning dosuments online, these documents often are more costly in the long term. We create customized estate plans that offer a level of seurity and peace of mind that no generic estate plan can offer.

A Checklist for Helping Clients Detect and Deal with Financial Elder Abuse
Elder financial abuse has become more and more prevalent, it seems. As advisors, we can assist you if you or a loved one is a victim of elder financial abuse.

New Disclosure Fees Will Exposed Hidden Fees Inside Retirement Plans
Hidden fees may be drainig oney from your retirement account. In this article, we explain what these fees are and how they can be dealt with.

Talking to Clients about Estate Planning for Their Other Children – Their P
When our clients die or become incapacitated, the strategic planning they put in place to provide for their loved ones goes to work. The important things will be taken care of.

The Repeal is Here – Your Client May Need to Update Estate Plan
The recent (and likely temporary) repeal of the Federal Estate Tax has at least one consequence your clients may not be aware of. Married people who don’t update their estate plan could unintentionally disinherit a surviving spouse.

Help a Client’s Family Avoid Confusion in a Crisis with Proper Estate Plan
More and more baby boomers are finding themselves making medical and financial decisions for their aging parents. Often, these decisions fall to one child while other siblings are out of the loop for reasons of distance or other responsibilities.

Interesting Long-Term Care Trend: Boomers Are Insuring Their Parents
Financial advisors have long touted to clients the benefits of buying long-term care insurance. While the recession has possibly motivated clients to listen to these benefits more than ever, they aren’t new.

Helping Clients Assume Control of Their Aging Parents’ Finances
Convincing senior parents to turn over management of their bank accounts can be more challenging than taking away their car keys

Clients Still ‘Thinking About’ a GRAT? Tell ‘Em Act Now Before Congress Do
I wanted to alert you to an important item in the news recently that could affect many of your clients and their families. A jobs and small business tax relief bill before the House contains new restrictions on a popular estate planning strategy that allows families to pass on wealth while cutting estate and gift tax bills.

Watch Out for Tax Traps for Foreigners
As advisors, it is critical to remember that non-citizens and non-resident aliens(NRAs) are taxed radically differently than U.S. citizens.

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