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Monday, July 10, 2017

We Will Do Anything For Our Clients, But We Won’t Do That

At our firm we pride ourselves on the work we do to help business owners throughout the Metropolitan Detroit area achieve their dreams. From formation, through growing pains, in the board room, and when a business is sold or a succession plan is put into place, we are there. To paraphrase Meatloaf: we will anything for our clients, but we won’t do that.

Meatloaf never tells us what the “that” that he won’t do is, but we’ve got a list for you:

1. Anything Illegal

If you have a business idea, we will do our level best to help you make it a success. Even if the law governing whatever lies at the heart of the business is a bit grey, we will help you find a way to do things on the up and up. However, we won’t help you commit a crime or do anything criminal ourselves.  

2. Pick a Fight with the Judge

Sometimes judges make the wrong decision. The right thing to do when that happens is to appeal to a higher court. The wrong thing to do is to blast the judge in the papers, make bogus ethics complaints, or otherwise pick a fight with the person behind the bench. We won’t do that because it is never a good strategy in the long term.

3. Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight

We know the expression is actually don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, but we think it works both ways in the business world. We don’t push our clients to escalate disagreements just because it will mean we get to do a little bit more work and make a little bit more money.

4. Fight Johnny Carson

One of the most interesting business cases to come out of Michigan in the past few decades involves Johnny Carson and portable toilets. A local man named Earl J. Braxton wanted to use Johnny Carson’s catch phrase “Here’s Johnny” to advertise his portable toilet business. Carson sued to stop the practice, and after two appeals, which spanned a decade, the courts agreed. After Carson died, Braxton asked the courts to reconsider. They said the answer was still no. We advise our clients to steer clear of the all-powerful Mr. Carson because there are some opponents you just can’t win against.

If you are looking for a law firm that will stick by your side and help you take your business to the next level, look no further.

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