Gerry Weinberg’s fine presentation last month has led a fair number of our members to inquire about how they can best put estate and financial planning techniques to work in their own practices.  It may even be that you are one of the many people who have approached us asking about the tools that can be used to motivate the reluctant client to action.   Perhaps you have asked yourself one or more of the following questions:
-  How should adding estate planning to my core practice improve my
bottom line?
-  Do I have to be an expert on all of this stuff?
-  What is my role on the financial and estate planning team?
-  What do I have a right to expect of other professionals with whom I collaborate?
-  What do other professionals have a right to expect of me?
-  OK, I get that I’m supposed to ask the prospect a lot of questions, but what do     those questions look like?
-  When should a client presentation occur, and what does that presentation look like?
-  What are the most common problems my clients have that they do not realize they have?
-  I know different clients have different needs – what does that look like in financial and estate planning?
-  How much should I expect my client to have to pay to determine if estate planning is right for them?
-  I have handed out cards before – why does nothing ever happen after that?
-  What gets the client past just thinking about it?

At our next meeting, we will address the questions above and will continue our exploration of the insights and techniques that have been used by some of the most successful estate and financial professionals in our industry.  Please join us for a discussion of….MOTIVATING THE RELUCTANT CLIENT.

This month, members are requested to think in advance about a particular prospect or friend who is in need of help in the financial and estate planning process.  You will be encouraged to share your challenges in serving this prospect, and we will together seek to explore techniques to motivate these prospects to action. 

 Please join us for this unique opportunity to enhance your bottom line on THURSDAY, JUNE 19th AT 7:30 a.m. to 9:00  at the GROSSE POINT YACHT CLUB